Maki Aizawa, an executive director of amu, provides fully customized tours of Japan.

She is passionate about ensuring that every trip is meaningful and enriching to each participant. Maki is committed to her belief that her clients will have profound and unique experiences throughout the tours.

After a planning phase that includes detailed conversations with prospective clients, Maki tailors each tour to the specific interests of the traveler/s. For example, tours could have a master focus on “art,” “architecture”, or “cuisine” but could include nature walks and hiking, excursions or stays at temples, shrines and farms, visits with master craftspeople, or really any special interest. Maki has developed and cultivated relationships with renowned Japanese artists that further expand the opportunities for cross-cultural artistic and personal experiences.

During the tour, Maki provides language and cultural translation, as well as all logistics, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience.

About Maki Aizawa

Maki Aizawa grew-up in Sendai, Japan and from her earliest years was completely and creatively immersed in the traditions of Japanese arts and culture. Her parents ran one of the most famous kimono-making schools in Japan and she remembers a childhood with hundreds of “aunties” – the students who were living with them during their five-year apprenticeships to become licensed kimono-makers. It was only natural that Maki also studied many of the other time-honored Japanese expressive arts including ikebana (floral design), shodo (calligraphy), and the koto (traditional stringed musical instrument).

After high-school Maki came to the United States to continue her education and graduated with a degree in Art History from San Francisco State University. She then applied her ikebana training to establish Viola Floral Design where she provided exquisite floral arrangements for weddings and winery events throughout the Bay Area for more than 15 years.

In 2006, Maki’s new adventure began when she met Davis “Davo” Everett and Debra Loomis, a couple who for almost 30 years were widely celebrated for offering unique, immersive cultural tours of Japan through their joint endeavor “Journeys East.” Maki was immediately taken by how skillfully Davo and Debra created delightfully engaging and stimulating tours that embodied a deep and warm appreciation for the people and culture of Japan. Impressed and inspired by the high level of attention to both the tour participants and the local Japanese people they encountered, Maki began leading tours for Journeys East and created her own tour company in 2011 after Davo and Debra retired. Maki is dedicated to carrying on the Journeys East legacy of offering opportunities to explore and experience the authentic essence of Japanese life and culture.

To discuss your vision for a private tour or personal trip, and receive a quotation, please contact Maki at [email protected].